Monday, October 8, 2012


Faith was voted as Homecoming Queen last weekend!

She and Hailey were the two senior representatives.  Either one would have made a fine queen.  Pardon my bias, but I am glad it was Faith.  Congratulations, Faith!  You were (are!) beautiful!  The Homecoming King was Austin Schneider from Saginaw.

The games for the weekend went well, too.  We missed Andrew's JV game, but they apparenlty played very well and beat (I think I had heard a previously undefeated) St. Charles 21-20.  Andrew also said that he scored a TD.

The varsity game was not nearly as close.  MLS won 60-14.  Nathanael caught a TD pass early in the game with a nice run after the catch, juking his way into the end zone.  He also caught a long bomb late in the first half, but I missed it.  I was climbing into a Corvette painted pretty much the same color as our house.  Photos are below.

Faith enjoys her royal influence over her brothers.




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