Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Praying for those in business

I just ran across this from the Apocrypha yesterday:

"A merchant can hardly keep from wrongdoing,
and a tradesman will not be declared innocent of sin.
Many have committed sin for gain,
and whoever seek to get rich will avert his eyes.
As a stake is driven firmly into a fissure between stones,
so sin is wedged between selling and buying.
If a person is not steadfast and zealous in the fear of the Lord,
his house will be quickly overthrown." (Ecclesiasticus 26:29 - 27:3)

Like everyone else, I am usually absorbed in my own world, carrying my own burdens, and focused on my own challenges.  But this passage from the Apocrypha got me thinking of people in different vocations than my own.  It gave me a chance to reflect on the unique challenges that burden Christians in the business world. 

You are probably well acquainted with people and practices which cover various shades of immorality, thievery, and dishonesty.  It must be a difficult road to walk to be faithful to your Lord, to be honest in your work, and to still be pleasing to your employer or client.  No doubt, you could be more "successful" if you cheated and lied and defrauded.  But you would rather let your light shine even in the business place when the cost may be a sale, a promotion, or even your job.

Be assured, dear Christian business person, that you are in my prayers today that God will give you wisdom to do your work well, encouragement to fulfill your task honorable and faithfully, and blessings in your labor so that you may continue to serve your fellowman in your vocation.

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