Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sake's alive! She's 45!

          On February 13, my beloved wife, Laura, turned 45 years old.  That's 16 years we've been celebrating her 29th birthday.
          Actually, Laura does not get hung up on her age.  The kids tease her about being so old.  Of course, they also tease her about being so happy.  I only get teased about my hair line.  (Careful boys, that's your future, too!)
          I am so grateful to have the beautiful wife I have.  She is generally very happy, and I don't tease her for it.  I am thankful for it.  It is wonderful to have a wife who is genuinely pleased that I walk in the door each night.  She is incredibly supportive, though she is also wise enough to see when I need to be talked back in off the ledge.  We have spent our life laughing together, crying together, and just being together.  In fact, our dates these days have been more about being together, because sane people don't say that running errands is a date.  But I will take an evening of doing nothing together with Laura than doing just about anything with anyone else.
           This birthday marks for Laura the milestone that she has spent the majority of her life married to me.  I have to wait until 49 to hit the milestone of having more than half my life being married to her.
          Anyway, Laura, I hope that you are blessed with many more years, and that I am blessed with many more years with you.
          Happy birthday, Laura!  Love you!