Thursday, March 10, 2016

MLS Basketball -- It's over

Another season of Michigan Lutheran Seminary basketball came to a painful end last night.  MLS was facing Reese in the division semi-final game.  They were completely in charge of things (from reports I had heard -- we were unable to go) until Casey Williams rolled his ankle.  After that, the sizable lead that MLS had mounted against Reese slowly evaporated.  Reese went on to win the game, 52-50, and advance to the division finals.  Thus ended Andrew's high school basketball career.

The other factor which made this year so difficult was how many times MLS ended up on the short end of the stick.  MLS completed the season with a 10-10 record.  .500 basketball teams are usually not regarded as much of a threat.  A quick glance at the scores on M-Live and from my own personal notes shows that MLS was 12 points away from having a record of 15-5.  A whole lot of "if's" going a different way makes a huge difference in the record.  MLS came out on the short end of every close game.  Every one.  That hurts, and that is also how the season ended.

And so we come to yet another "last" in the Schroeder household, and we did not even get to watch it.  But we will watch what Andrew has in store for him in the years to come, and we pray that God will keep watch over him in whatever he does in the future.

I have no doubt that the notes above are what hang on Andrew's mind about the season and the playoff game from last night.  I hope that he also appreciates the milestone that was achieved in last night's game, too.  After three years on varsity basketball, in his very last game, Andrew scored his 1,000th career point!  If memory serves, my career high game in high school was 4 points.  By my math, I would have needed at least 250 games to do what Andrew did.  We are certainly proud of his accomplishments, and I hope that he is proud, too.  Those 1,000 points were not gifts.  They were earned, and it has earned him the respect of many--not least of all, his parents.

You can check out the M-Live article (with a less-than-flattering photo of Andrew driving to the hoop--scroll through all the photos) here: