Wednesday, September 28, 2016

MLS Football vs. St. Louis

On Thursday, September 22, the Michigan Lutheran Seminary JV team traveled west to St. Louis to take on the Sharks, where we got to enjoy one of my favorite stadiums in the conference.  Not only are the home team stands nestled nicely into the hill side, it is also one of the view venues where we do not have to go blind staring into the sun for the first half of the game.

Philip got quite a bit of playing time both on offensive and defensive line.  He had some good technique on a number of plays, but will need to work on the foot work to get better.  He is only a Freshman, and he will get better, bigger, and faster.  I think the MLS varsity might enjoy one of the biggest offensive lines they have had in a couple of years.

Since this game is a few days in the rear view mirror, I don't recall too many details except that MLS came away with a strong 27-12 victory.  Way to go, Cardinals!

Philip was at center for this one.
Philip (#65) and Cole Broekhuizen (#62), friends since Kindergarten (maybe even pre-school),
lined up next to each other on defense.

Friday, September 23 marked MLS' Homecoming.  MLS hosted the Sharks and jumped out to a quick 21-0 lead.  The result was that things got pretty chippy (some would argue dirty) after that.  The St. Louis players took runs after the MLS players when they did not have the ball and after the whistle.  Casey was speared in the back of the head when he was face down on the ground after a run.  Although it was a late hit and, in my opinion targetting, no call was made.  Players complained of having their knees targetted all night long.  Offensive lineman Big O (can't spell his last name -- Owcarszac?) was speared in the back after a whistle.  No call.  Caleb said he took blows to his ear hole a few times when he was running routes at wide receiver.  No calls there.  Noah Nordlie was a casualty of this, likely lost for the season with a knee injury.

The result of this chippy play was that MLS lost their concentration and composure a few times.  The MLS varsity was called for numerous false starts and a few personal fouls, most likely retaliation.  It was not a very pretty game after the 1st quarter.  They will have to work at keeping their heads together with their game against Ithaca next.

The game against St. Louis ended in a 27-0 MLS victory, but the spirit on the MLS sideline was one of disgust rather than joy.

There was no M-Live article.  WNEM Friday Night Lights had two clips from the game, but only two plays.  Some photos follow.

Caleb (far left, #3) blocks for a PAT.
Philip and his Homecoming poster.  MLS had a Disney theme for Homecoming.

Caleb had one reception against St. Louis.  Here it is.  Nice!