Friday, July 7, 2017

Vacation and New Ventures

Our family vacation this year took us to Indiana and Kentucky.  The days of the whole family going on these trips have ceased.  Summer jobs keep some home.  Pursuing careers keeps some away from home.

Still, most of us went to Indiana to stay with Laura's parents for a number of days.  The kids went swimming at Forest Park in Noblesville.  We had a 4th of July celebration with more of Laura's family.  On Monday, July 3, we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum (Hillerich and Bradsby Co. -- look at the trademark on the bat) and then on to Abraham Lincoln's Boyhood Home in southern Indiana.  Some photos of that are below.

But then we got news that Faith had received an emergency call to serve as a 1-2 grade teacher at Emmaus Lutheran School in Phoenix, AZ.  After several days of phone calls, questions, discussions, and prayers, Faith has decided to postpone her final year of college and teach in Phoenix.

This news, as well as the predicted rain and storms, re-directed our vacation plans.  Instead of continuing on for a few days in Kentucky, we came home.  Laura is preparing to hit the road and go with Faith to Phoenix to help her get settled there.

The family adventures continue.

Based on excavations, this is believed to be the foundation of the home Lincoln lived in for about 14 years in Indiana.

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