Thursday, October 18, 2018

Liturgy Sunday -- October 21

Why do Lutherans worship the way they do?  What does each part of the liturgy mean?  Where did those songs come from?  And what's with all the standing and sitting?

While we all may be accustomed to the Lutheran liturgy, we may not appreciate or even be aware of the rationale behind each part of it.  In order to foster a greater appreciation for the Lutheran liturgy, we will observe a Liturgy Sunday on October 21 at our 10:00 AM service.  An elder will introduce each portion of the service and explain its background, followed by the pastor and congregation conducting each respective portion of the service.

If you have ever wondered about this, or if you have a friend who might be curious about why we worship the way we do, join us for Liturgy Sunday on October 21.  The pastor is always available to explain further any questions you have about or Divine Service as well.

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