Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Schroeder Vacation, Part 3 -- Western Michigan: South Haven

After four nights at Hoffmaster State Park, we moved on to the KOA south of South Haven.  We had hoped to enjoy some sunsets on Lake Michigan, but clouds tended to roll in later in the day.  In South Haven, we had our chance.

Our first night, however, had strong storms blow through.  The jacks which held up our camper did a great job keeping us upright.  The camper rocked, but it never seemed to be in danger of getting tipped.  Some of the trees in the campground were not so lucky.  Thankfully, no one had their camper or car crushed by any branches or trees.

On the second night, we finally got our sunset -- sort of.  We walked down to the lighthouse later in the day, but we had not had any supper.  We hoped to grab something and still have time to walk down to the lighthouse and watch the sun go down.  The short version -- we got quite delayed getting our food.  We returned to the lakefront in time to see the late strains of sunlight which still offered some beautiful views.

Here are some photos from South Haven.

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