Sunday, August 26, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???

Football season has begun with mixes reviews.

MLS at Carson City-Cyrstal

Thursday saw the debut of Andrew's first game of JV football.  Andrew did kickoff returns (shown at left) and punt returns, as well as playing safety for the entire 2nd half.

A late score brought MLS to within two, but that's where it ended after an onside kick attempt was recovered by CC-C.

Final score
Michigan Lutheran Seminary   28
Carson City-Crystal                 30 

Carson City-Cyrstal at MLS
The result on Friday, August 24 was dramatically different.  Nathanael's first varsity game was a convincing 41-6 win.  Nathanael scored a TD with :00 left in the first half.  This, following a defensive holding penalty on the last play -- which was called, then waved off, then finally assessed after CC-C had bolted into the locker room.  CC-C came back out for the final play, which ended with a pass interference call.  So the REAL last play of the first half was Nathanael's TD catch (as shown).

 Final score
Carson City-Crystal                  6
Michigan Lutheran Seminary 41


Scheduling did not allow us to see Faith's volleyball tournament at MLS.  She told us the result was not what they wanted, coming short of bringing home a trophy.  Faith is seen here, clearly not fond of the smell of a postgame Nathanael.
Laura and I are enjoying all of the WOO-HOO's of the fall sports schedule.  We are not enjoying the Cha-CHING's at the gas pump.