Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OCTOBERFEST is coming!

Mark your calendars now.

OCTOBERFEST will be on Saturday, October 6.  The schedule is as follows:
                    5:00 PM          Vespers
                    5:30 PM          Bratwurst Dinner
                    6:00 PM          Luther Lecture
          This year’s Luther Lecture will be: “Here I stand.” – Luther at the Diet of Worms, at which Luther confessed his faith and took his stand on the word of God alone even if it meant defying the authority of Popes, Church Councils, and other authorities.  We hope that all guests of our Octoberfest celebration will gain a greater appreciation for the confessors and the confession of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
          There is no cost for Octoberfest, but we will have a free-will offering to offset the cost of the food being served.  In order to be sure that we will have enough food for all who attend, please contact the church (248-349-0565) and let us know how many will be in your party.  We also appreciate any who are willing to provide food for Octoberfest.  Suggested foods are suggested on the sign-up sheet at the church.
          We will also have a Gemutlichkeit (fancy, German word suggesting a time of food and fellowship) at the parsonage after the Luther Lecture.  Snacks will be provided.  Bring your own beverages.

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