Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lenten Meditation

Lenten season keeps us focused on the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ.  His crucifixion, while gruesome and gut-wrenching, is the price he gladly paid for the sins of the world. 

That not only reveals the depth of your wickedness; even more so it reveals the depths of God’s love.

Oh, come, my soul, your Savior see
   Nailed to the cross on Calvary.
Your pains he bears;
   Your thorns he wears
      That yours a crown of life might be.

‘Tis yours, my soul, the sin, the shame,
   The cross, the nails, the thirst, the pain;
In agony
   His blood runs free
      To write in heaven’s book your name.

Oh, sing, my soul, sing endlessly
   The wondrous love that sets you free;
His dying breath
   Brings life from death,
      Makes heav’n your home eternally.
                                    Oh, Come, My Soul
                                    Hymn 99, Christian Worship
                                    Words and music by Kurt J. Eggert (1923-1993)

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