Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Papal Names, Update

In a world where people like to bet on everything, not only are people betting on who will be elected the next Pope, there are even odds being given on what name the newly elected Pope will chose for himself.  You can check out the work of Paddy Power from the UK:

Pope Leo is getting the best odds right now.
Some names that have not been given odds but which could be fun would be:

Pope Sickle
Pope Culture
Pope Music
Pope Fiction (that dance with the fingers going across the eyes, optional)
Pope Cecola (credit to one of the commenters on the website linked above)

Any other fun names to kick around?

UPDATE:  Based on the Secret Code Name Generator  in a previous post, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio's new papal name could have been Pope N-strike.  While Francis is unique in the list of papal names, I think "N-strike" would have had more pop.