Friday, May 29, 2015

The Holy Trinity and bad analogies

Holy Trinity Sunday is upon us this weekend.  You will not hear any sermon at Good Shepherd which attempts to explain the Trinity.  You should not hear a sermon anywhere that attempts to explain the Trinity, though I would not be surprised if some will try.  The Trinity is a mystery which cannot be explained or compared to anything on earth.  There is nothing on earth like the Triune nature of God.  Every analogy falls short.  Every analogy ends up introducing some kind of heresy.

The Holy Trinity is a mystery that will always remain a mystery to us on earth.  I suspect it may even remain a mystery when we are in heaven--that is, we will always marvel at it but never grasp it.  But this truine nature is how God reveals himself to us.  He tells us who he is.  He does not ask us to understand it.  He does not submit it for our approval.  God is one; God is three -- trinity in unity and unity in trinity.  Don't get it?  Don't feel bad.  No one does.  But it is precisely how God reveals himself to us.

We worship one God (Deuteronomy 6:4); we worship three persons within that one God -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19).  We believe in one God (Nicene Creed); we believe he is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (3 articles of Nicene Creed).

Whether you have already seen it or not, check out the Lutheran Satire video below.  St. Patrick, Donall, and Conall help to explain why analogies to grasp the Trinity just do not work.  Brilliant!  Enjoy!

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