Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A photo session -- 2016 basketball games, part 2

Once again, it is time to post a few more photos from the basketball season.  We are quickly coming up on the end of the year (only a few weeks away).  Faith is enjoying a little run in their conference playoffs.  Unfortunately, they play toinght at UW-Superior while we will be coming home after church.  We should be able to catch most of it when we get home.  Go Knights!  (And thanks to whoever has been taking the photos in Minnesota and has been posting them on Facebook!)  This Photo Session will feature Faith (Martin Luther College) and Philip (St. Peter's Lutheran School).

Since we were not able to make it to New Ulm for Parents' Day,
Faith was escorted by her cousins, Daniel and Jacob Schmidt.  Thanks, guys!!!
There's a background story here, I'm sure.

2nd place at the MLS tournament, co-ed division.  Coach Thuerer was not in the photo.

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