Thursday, May 5, 2016

Word for today -- Dishevelled

This sign is strangely placed.  Either you should have
begun your detour about one mile back, or the sign should be
on the other side of the stop light and facing the opposite direction. in, "my office is dishevelled."    "9 Mile Road is dishevelled."  "I-275 is dishevelled."  "The organ in the church was dishevlled," but thankfully has been restored to good order.

          Between renovations being done around the church (Bob Wozniak and Brian Mowers are doing a TON of work on these things, as are some others) and the road construction being done in the area, everything is out of sorts.  It will be nice when it is all done, but for now, things are ... well ... dishevelled.

Some photos.

Granted, my office usually looks this dishevelled,
but poor lighting does not allow you to see the shelves pretty well emptied of books.

Here is the empty office, freshly painted.  New carpetting comes next week.

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