Saturday, August 27, 2016

MLS Footballl -- It begins! vs. Almont (Aug 24 & 25, 2016)

The first games of the season were Wednesday (Aug. 24) and Thursday (Aug. 25) against Almont.

The MLS JV Cardinals played host to the Raiders.  The JV Cardinals were playing quite a few Freshmen for their first game.  They will need to work on their game a bit as it happens every year.  Whenever MLS started to move the ball a bit, they turned it over and gave Almont pretty decent field position.  Almont's game plan seemed to be to grind out a few yards at a time and consume a whole lot of clock in the process.  At one point, Almont consumed about 7 minutes of clock and had just passed mid-field.

Philip got more playing time than he thought he would, playing mostly defensive tackle.  The coach gave him credit for forcing a fumble in the 2nd half.  Sweet!

Still, the JV came up on the wrong end of a 29-0 final.  Keep working, boys.  Most schools from here on out will be smaller.

The varsity had somewhat of an uphill battle from the get-go this year, as almost the entire offense from last year had graduated.  Adversity showed up early as the starting QB, Cade Kestner, broke his arm before the 1st quarter was even over.  Last year's JV QB, Adam Arrowsmith, took over and did a fine job.

Although MLS could have groaned and moped, assuming the whole season was shot about 10 minutes into it, they did not roll over.  They answered Almont's first two scores, seeing a 14-14 score into the 2nd quarter.  Unfortunately, a turnover late in the first half gave Almont a really short field and a quick score.  It was 21-14 at halftime.

After regrouping at halftime, MLS still came out playing hard.  Each team put up two more scores in the 2nd half, ending in a 35-26 score.  Caleb played at wide receiver (one catch; targeted three times) and safety (a few tackles).  He also had a few appearances on special teams.  

Hopefully, a week of re-working some things and looking forward to some schools closer to MLS' size, we will see a resilient team find some happier results.

Some photos.

Philip is No. 65.
Philip is 2nd from the left in the four-point stance.
On the last play of the game, Philip stepped in at center with a perfect shot-gun smap.

Philip with classmate Cole Broekhuizen.
Philip and Cole have known each other since pre-school at St. Peter's.
Caleb wears No.3 this year.
Caleb is in pursuit.
Nathanael, Andrew, and Peter came to watch Caleb's game.