Sunday, August 21, 2016

Traveling with the Schroeders ... end of summer, 2016

Vacation was hard to come by because of multiple work schedules and only three cars to accommodate all the schedules.  (It is somewhat embarrassing to complain about "only" three cars.)  So, once we had people placed in football camps, we could afford to take one of those cars out of circulation and hit the road for a week.  As it turns out, we needed that car in circulation anyway.

Back in July, some Schroeders headed to Wisconsin to see my parents.  More of us were supposed to go, but an additional orthodontist appointment for Caleb meant that Laura and Caleb did not.  But Nathanael, Philip, Peter, and I got to go both to see my parents and to catch part of Packers' training camp.  Nathanael had hoped to get his SVSU shirt autographed by SVSU alum and Packers' wide receiver, Jeff Janis.  But Janis walked past, so no autograph for Nathanael.

Our actual family vacation whittled the family down to Laura, Peter, and me.  All others were either at football camp or working.  In this incredibly dry summer for Michigan, we got to enjoy rain on our vacation.  But in the midst of our vacation plans, we found out that Charli had arranged plane tickets for Nathanael to come and see her graduation from boot camp in South Carolina.  We were not able to make the trip, but we were glad Nathanael got to go.  Way to go, Charli!

So, here was the itinerary for our vacation.

Jellystone Park, Frankenmuth (2 nights)
Home to get Nathanael to the airport (1 night)
Traverse City State Park / M-22 drive / Sleeping Bear Dunes (2 full days, 1 night)
Back home to pick up Nathanael from the airport (1 night)
Say "Goodbye" to Faith who left for New Ulm on Friday morning, sleep a lot to get caught up from excessive running around; spend the night at home (1 more night)
Up to Saginaw for Caleb's and Philip's registration & opening service at MLS.  We were going to have a family night at a hotel, but Caleb and Philip said they were going to stay in the dorm.  So, why spend the money?  Go back home.

Anyway, here are a few photos from the last month of summer.  Enjoy!

Green Bay Packers' training camp.
Nathanael enjoys watching the wide receiver drills at Packers' training camp.
Peter's Lambeau Leap at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Me with my parents in Sheboygan.
Andrew got to say "Goodbye" to Faith before he headed back to Ann Arbor for more football camp.
Peter with Yogi Bear at Jellystone Park.
Peter at Bronners' Christmas store, Frankenmuth.
Peter, checking out directions in Sutton's Bay on M-22 in Leelenau county.
Ice cream break at Northport on our M-22 loop.
Sleeping Bear Dunes, from the top of the Empire Bluff Trail.
Peter running down the Dune Climb, Sleeping Bear Dunes.
Caleb and Philip, all ready for a new school year at MLS.  Peter starts 2nd grade later in the week.
A final farewell hug before Faith leaves for MLC in New Ulm, MN.
We will not see Faith until Thanksgiving.  Sniff.....

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