Saturday, August 12, 2017

In concert -- James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt

A big THANK YOU to Nathanael for getting the tickets and taking me to see Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor in concert.  Both were fantastic.  Bonnie Raitt has not changed in 25 years.  She played a few numbers from her Nick of Time album which I had not listened to since the last century.  I have been You-Tubing them quite a bit thi past week.

James Taylor was excellent as always.  And I am sure that I am in the gross minority on this, but I wish he would play fewer of the never-fail-songs from his concerts (e.g., You've God a Friend; Fire and Rain; Steamroller) and more of the lesser-heard songs from his albums.  For example, James Taylor played a fantastic rendition of First Day of May, and also played Never Die Young, both from the Never Die Young album.  Of course, when you have so many songs to choose from over the years, you will never play what everyone wants to hear.

We had great seats for the concern--only about 11 rows from the stage.  No need to watch the video screens; we could see it all.

I took precious few photos of the concert.  I prefer to enjoy where I am live rather than watch it through a cell phone.  But here are a few.  Enjoy!

In case you want to hear Bonnie Raitt, here is Have a Heart from her Nick of Time album.  She sounds just as good now!