Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bible Information Class to start on January 15

All are welcome, with no obligations to do anything other than to study the Scriptures.

A new Bible Information Class will be starting up on Monday, January 15 (7:00–9:00 PM).  The schedule for the first session of this class (Session Two begins in March) is as follows:


Jan 15 What Do We Know About God?  Who is He?
           God the Father Created the World.

Jan 22 God the Father Promised to Save Mankind.
           Jesus is the Savior We All Need.

Jan 29 Jesus Christ Lived, Died, and Rose Again to Save Us.

Feb 5 When Will Jesus Come Again?
           How Does the Holy Spirit Serve Us?

Feb 12 The Bible is the Very Word of God.
           What is Holy Baptism?

Feb 26 What is Holy Communion?
           What is the Holy Christian Church?

While this class is geared toward people who are interested in church membership at Good Shepherd, taking the class does not obligate you to join the church.  If you simply want to grow in your knowledge of the Bible, this class is for you.
There is no cost.  All materials are provided.  You will not be put on the spot to answer questions (though we will ask your name).  You are not even expected to know anything.  Come with questions.  Come with friends.  Come and learn what God wants you to know.
Call (248-349-0565) or e-mail (welsnovi@aol.com) if you are interested or have any questions about this class.

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