Monday, January 15, 2018

Local Tourist -- Detroit (Guardian Building, etc...)

What else is there to do on a cold, snowy, January day in Detroit except walk around the downtown?

With Laura and Peter having off of school for Martin Luther King Day, we made use of the day to see more of Detroit that we had not seen before.  That included stops at the Renaissance Center (we had toured the Ren Cen before), the Guardian Building, riding the People Mover, and eating at Greektown. 

While summer would have made the walk a warmer, I can't say it was not enjoyable.  Walking back to the Ren Cen in the wind got a bit chilly, but it's January.  What else should we expect?

Here are some photos.

Wintergarten in the Ren Cen.  Palm trees in the atrium; snow on the rooftop.

The Spirit of Detroit.

One of four Tiffany clocks  in the world

Relaxing at the shoe shine stand.

Lunch at the New Parthenon restaurant.

Digital aquarium at the GM Center in the Ren Cen.

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