Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Adult Bible Class -- A New Series begins January 6


JESUS – Lord or Legend?

Jesus is one of the most written about
     and debated figures in the world.  In this eight-
     part series, Dr. Maier explores a three-lane
     highway to the past through the disciplines of
     Archaeology, History, and Geography.  Along
     the journey, we look back to the world that
     Jesus himself saw as he moved toward the
     cross.  The tentative schedule for this series is
     as follows.

        Dr. Paul Maier, best-selling author, scholar and
    Lutheran pastor, has served for many years as a professor
    of ancient history at Western Michigan University.

History and Archaeology: God's “Back-up Systems”
Most Christians assume that all information about the people and events that gave birth to our faith derives from the Bible.  But ancient history and archaeology provide fascinating additional details, which not only correlate admirably with Scriptures, but also add fresh dimensions to them.
SESSION 1  –  Our Sources of Information         January 6
SESSION 2  –  Archaeology and History         January 13
SESSION 3  –  The Works of Josephus         January 20

New Perspectives on the Life of Jesus
The Biblical record can be tested and then supplemented by history and archaeology for a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth and Bethlehem, his youth in Nazareth, and his public ministry.
SESSION 4  –  The Infancy Narratives         January 27
SESSION 5  –  Jesus' Public Ministry         February 3

The Crucifixion and Resurrection Revisited 
Although barely hinted at in the Gospels, the politics behind the Crucifixion help explain Pontius Pilate's strange conduct on Good Friday.  And the Easter event, which stands at the very core of our faith, can be supported with evidence entirely outside of the New Testament!
SESSION 6  –  The Week That Changed the World         February 10
SESSION 7  –  The Resurrection Revisited         February 17

The Explosion of Christianity
“Fall-out” from Pentecost can be detected throughout the missionary journeys of St. Paul in Asia Minor and Greece, and the founding of the church at Rome.  The secular evidence also explains why the Book of Acts ends so abruptly, and why Nero persecuted the church so horribly after the Great Fire of Rome.
SESSION 8  –  The Explosion of Christianity         February 24

After viewing each DVD segment, we will have questions & answers and discussion about the material which Dr. Maier presents.  In order to give ourselves enough time to discuss the materials presented, the DVD will begin promptly at 8:55 AM

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