Saturday, November 2, 2019

A Pastoral Concern -- Appreciating our Lutheran heritage

Below is a YouTube broadcast of a Protestant who goes to visit various traditions within Christendeom.  On October 31, he posted an interview with LC-MS pastor, Rev. Will Weedon.  Pastor Weedon is a regular guest on Issues, Etc. which is a podcast by Lutheran pastors who discuss various aspects of the Christian faith and social issues.  It is highly recommended.

This YouTube video is ironically titled "The Ten Minute Bible Hour."  It is ironic because this video goes for 30+ minutes--and it is worth every minute of it.

Pastor Weedon takes great pains to explain why Lutherans worship the way we do, why our churches look the way they look, and how it all points to Jesus and the gifts he gives us.  In fact, Pastor Weedon is so passionate about these things and explains them so well that you might end up thinking, "We should really adopt more ceremony than we have been doing.  Oh, and we also may want to renovate the church too."  Pastor Weedon may serve in the LC-MS, but WELS people should have no problem assenting to everything he says.

If you have ever had a friend who thinks that Lutherans are too catholic, too cold, too formal, to stodgy, etc..., maybe have them watch this video.  It will go a long way to explain that what we do in our worship is intentional.  Americans might treat such things rather flippantly and accuse us of being arrogant for taking them so seriously.  Pastor Weedon reminds us that we are right to take our worship--the liturgy, the ceremonies, the architecture, the furnishings, all of it--seriously.  After all, these are the holy things.  And if we don't take the holy things serious, we are in serious trouble.

Enjoy.  And share!

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