Saturday, August 29, 2020

Bible Information Class begins September 21

A new
is coming.

We will begin on Monday, September 21 and meet for consecutive Mondays as listed below.  Classes will be 7:00 – 8:30 PM.  The schedule for this class is:

9/21          –  God's Plan of Salvation

9/28          –  God Created a Beautiful Universe.

10/5          –  Why is the World So Crazy?

10/12  –  How did Jesus Save the World?

10/19  –  The End is Coming!

10/26  –  Why do We Need the Bible?

11/2          –  God Works through Holy Baptism.

11/9          –  God Works through Holy Communion.

11/16 –  God Gathers His Church.

11/23 –  A Conversation with God.

11/30 –  Our Spiritual Heartbeat

12/7          –  Love the Lord your God 

12/14 –  Love your Neighbor – Part 1

12/21 –  Love your Neighbor – Part 2; Take Good Care

          Taking the class does not obligate you to join our congregation.  If you simply want to gain knowledge of the Bible, this class is for you.  There is no cost.  All materials are provided.  Come with questions.  Come with friends.  Come and learn what God wants you to know.

          Call (248-349-0565) or e-mail ( to register for this class. 

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