Monday, August 31, 2020

BIBLE MATTERS -- A discussion group


This fall, we are offering a different of Bible Class.  It is an open discussion about various Bible matters and topics.  In fact, it is you, the attendee, who is encouraged to determine the topics we will discuss.  You are encouraged to submit questions for discussion—Bible matters that you have always wondered about, which plague you with doubt, which seem unanswerable, etc...  Maybe it is a topic that others have challenged you with, and you just don't know how to answer.  Leaving such issues unanswered can start to cast doubt on one's faith.  This class hopes to demonstrate that most of these nagging questions do have answers.  The Bible gives us direction and comfort in these matters, and enables us to avoid abandoning our faith because we don't have a way to respond to challenges.

Questions may be submitted to the pastor before the class to allow him time to address matters sufficiently.  (He does not always have every answer at his fingertips.)  If you would prefer your question to remain anonymous, please indicate that.  But chances are the questions that nag at you nag at other people as well.  If questions come up during the class, they will be addressed as well as possible.  Follow-up may be necessary, and discussions may end up being revisited for the sake of more sufficient answers.  Besides, most challenging questions continue to plague people.

         For this class, you are welcome to come with all the frustrations, doubts, and curiosity you can muster.  You are free to posit theories.  You are free to present any apparent contradictions you have stumbled across in the Bible or perplexities about God's providence over the world.  You are even free to be a heretic!  (You are not free, however, to remain a heretic.)  In other words, we want this to be a class where people may boldly ask and discuss whatever is on their minds.  And then we will search the Scriptures to see how God addresses it.  We do this because the Bible matters.

Finally, this class offers an excellent opportunity to bring friends to learn about the Bible.  Your friends may not be ready to walk into a Sunday service and brave liturgical worship.  But it is highly likely that your friends have questions about religion, the Bible, the Church, etc...  This class enables them to come, ask questions, have discussions, and to get to know that we are a group of Christians who are eager to bring them comfort, assurances, and encouragement.

Classes will begin on Wednesday, September 9.  We will meet regularly on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.  After our Bible Matters discussions, you are welcome to stick around for any entertainment or conversations that might go on.

If you have questions to submit for discussion, please send them to the pastor at or text them to (248) 719-5218.  (In the event that no questions are submitted for a particular week, there will be a pre-determined topic ready for discussion.)  Each proposed topic will be announced as we approach each week.


Our first session will be Wednesday, September 9.

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