Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big Basketball weekend!

I know that the Super Bowl dominated most people's weekend, but we got to enjoy some fun basketball this weekend.

Andrew's freshmen team played on Thursday, but we did not know he had a game until it had already ended.  Apperently, Andrew's team had learned of the schedule change just that morning.  Anyway, I guess they won pretty handily.  Too bad we could not be there.

Faith's team played a very strong Bullock Creek team, and the MLS girls really came out and played well.  They came up short, but in a very solid effort.  If they keep playing like that, the will add many more notches to the win column.

Nathanael's varsity squad played Alma on Friday night.  MLS was missing a few players, but they held off a big (I mean football-BIG) Alma team.  (They must have a good football team in Alma!)  We sure enjoyed the MLS games.

But the big part of the weekend was the co-ed grade school tournament at MLS.  Caleb and his team played, and Philip and some other St. Peter's 5th graders got to fill the bench a bit.  The 5th graders even got to play one game, and Philip ended up with 6 points!  Nice going!

A good team effort got St. Peter's the 3rd place trophy as they went 3-1 for the weekend, with 3 of those games being pretty tight.  Their only loss was a 2 point loss in double OT -- a heart-breaker!

Some photos from the tournament....


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