Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Senior Year Moment

A long time ago, when Laura and I were young parents with only two children, we were gushing over all of the firsts that we were enjoying with our children.  First steps.  First words.  First full night's sleep.  First day of pre-school.  All of those good things.  And then a pastor with children who were quite a few years older than ours was talking about the lasts.

Quite often, you don't even realize that you had your last moment of something.  When was the last time you picked up and carried your child?  Even if you can remember it, you had no idea that it would have been the last time.

But the senior year of high school is marked by a whole string of lasts, and we can pretty much mark them all.  Last Saturday, we had a few lasts.

It was the last time Nathanael would play a home basketball game for MLS.  They played Ithaca, a decent opponent, and won the game, 56-48.  It was also the last time Nathanael and Andrew would play a home game together in any sport.  They had played a lot of basketball together in grade school, and this year Andrew got pulled up to varsity.  I hope they enjoyed playing together all these years, because we are quickly come to the last time it will happen.  They have at least three games left, all on the road.  And it seems unlikely that we will get to see any of them.  (Playoffs begin on Ash Wednesday?!  Really?!?!?)  So this was probably our last time getting to see them play together, and our last time getting to see Nathanael play high school basketball.

I know that Nathanael will miss these games, and we will miss seeing him play.

Nathanael's last shot at the MLS gym.  He made it.
Brothers line up on the home court for the last time. 
Nathanael walks off the home court for the last time.

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