Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Best Super Bowl Commercial

In my opinion, it was not much of a contest.  I thought most Super Bowl Commercials were nothing special.  But I thought Chrysler, once again, hit a home run with their most recent installment narrated by Bob Dylan.

I also enjoyed the one with Adrian, the undersized football player, running through Ashwaubenon and into Lambeau Field.  And yes, I actually recognized Ashwaubenon right away  The green and gold uniforms with the "A" on it made me wonder, but that water tower with the large green stripe on it was the give away.  That water tower is the landmark to help me remember where I park when I get to games at Lambeau Field.  Also, the yellow fence with the green lettering in right across the street from the stadium.  They change the message every season.

EDIT:  I got the link to work now!

Okay, so my favorite commercials featured Detroit and Green Bay.  I couldn't be influenced by home town pride, could I?

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