Saturday, May 31, 2014

Confirmation and Graduation

This is fairly stale news by now, but I have been tardy in getting some milestones noted on the blog.  Below are pictures from Caleb's confirmation on May 18 and from Nathanael's graduation from Michigan Lutheran Seminary on May 24.

Congratulations and God's blessings to both of you!

 Alyssa, me, and Caleb
 Grandpa Schroeder, Caleb, and Grandma Schroeder

 Grandma Schmidt and Caleb (Feel better soon, Grandpa!)

Okay, so this is on a liturgical gesture....
Psst, Caleb, I used to have hair like yours.

Nathanael is all about maternal affection. 

President Petermann presents Nathanael with his diploma.  

Nathanael and Charli on their big day. 

The sunny day was great for the graduation, but lousy for putting shadows across people's faces.  Anyway, here's the whole family at MLS.

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