Monday, May 26, 2014

Two crazy weeks

It has been a strange and wild two weeks.  It was all supposed to revolved around Caleb's Confirmation and Nathanael's graduation from Michigan Lutheran Seminary.  That is the short version.  But the last two weeks looked a little more like this:

Sunday (May 11): Divine Service; house cleaning; Happy Mothers' Day!; Greenfield Village; take Nathanael, Andrew, and Charli back to MLS

Monday: Catechism Class wrap up; house cleaning

Tuesday: House cleaning; Shut in visits; 6th Grade Bible History Class; Church Council

Wednesday: Clean out the garage; pack up for trip; go to library to get a book on CD for the trip to New Ulm; get bulletin printed

Thursday: Leave at 6:15 AM for New Ulm, Minnesota to get Faith from Martin Luther College; begin disc 1 of biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer; slowed down in Chicago; lunch at the Arby's in Johnson Creek, WI where I also revise the upcoming sermon; Mississippi River about 4:00 PM CDST; New Ulm about 7:00 PM CDST; meet Faith; supper at Veigel's Kaiserhoff (no sauerbraten -- arrrgghhh!); bed time at the Colonial Inn.

Friday: Breakfast at the Ulmer Café and revise Sunday's sermon some more; pack up Faith; kill time at the Library at Martin Luther College; tried to nap in a quiet corner there, woke up to students giving their parents a tour; Commencement Concert at 4:00 PM; pack up Faith's last stiches of clothing and the Buick is FULL; supper at Subway; Faith takes the wheel at we leave New Ulm at 7:00 PM CDST; Mississippi River at night; I take over driving.

Saturday: Rerouted through Milwaukee at 1:00 AM CDST; Fly through Chicago at 2:30 AM CDST; Gas up in LaPorte, IN and Faith takes over driving the rest of the way; Home at 8:00 AM EDST.  Go to bed till about Noon; House cleaning

Sunday (May 18): Examination of Catechumens; Divine Service with Rite of Confirmation; Photos; Get ready for Open House at 2:00 PM; Mom passes out in our kitchen about 7:15 PM; EMS techs show up; Mom to hospital and we follow close behind.

Monday: Go to hospital with kids (after they finally get up) to see how Grandma is doing; take Nathanael, Andrew, and Charli back to MLS; listen to Bonhoeffer CD on the way back home; back to the hospital for a while.

Tuesday: Mother is released from the hospital; Mom & Dad immediately return to Wisconsin; take a nap; Laura gets her blood tested and platelets are down to 2,000; conduct final 6th Grade Bible History Class of the year; Laura has a bloody nose, so we go to the hospital immediately; stay until about 9:30 PM.

Wednesday: Take kids to school; then to hospital; try to do some church work; go to sports banquet at St. Peter; leave during banquet to pick up Laura who had been released; back to St. Peter to get kids; home and to bed.

Thursday: Get bulletin done; get a few other church-related items done; thanking God that I booked a guest preacher for Sunday.

Friday: Faith and I go to MLS for their final chapel of the year to listen to recipients of sports awards (academic awards were for the previous day); get Nathanael and Andrew's dorms packed into the van (as much as they could empty at the time); get checked into the hotel; nap; commencement concert at 7:00 PM; fiasco trying to get everyone picked up and back to the hotel for pizza; return Nathanael and Charli to the dorms by 11:00 PM; bed.

Saturday: Graduation at 10:00 AM; photographs to follow, then parties all day.

Sunday (May 25): Get to sleep in much later than a normal Sunday; check out of hotel; more parties to go to; home at about 10:30 PM; bed, sweet bed (kicked out by a 5 year old at 3:00 AM).

I am looking forward to what is supposed to amount to a normal week this week.  I suppose God's sense of humor will have other plans.

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