Monday, October 2, 2017

MLS Football -- A month's worth of catch-up

I have been slow in getting photos of the season on this blog.  Part of the reason is time.  Part of the reason is that the season is not going as well as we had hoped.  It does not appear that there have been any M-Live articles since the first game.  I don't know if MLS has been featured often Friday Night Lights (WNEM, Saginaw); but then I have not scoured the internet for any coverage, either.

Caleb (#3) has enjoyed some success at wide receiver in his senior year for the Michigan Lutheran Seminary Cardinals, including a few long TD catches.  Philip (#70) had an ankle injury while on JV, which contributed to some limited playing time.  He is working on becoming a better defensive lineman.  He also played some on the offensive line.

Here is a smattering of photos from the season for the past number of weeks, including scores.

Wednesday, August 30 -- JV
Ovid Elsie    25
MLS               7
If memory serves, Philip was injured and did not play.  Therefore, we chose not to make the trip and took no photos.

Thursday, August 31 -- Varsity
MLS               14
Ovid-Elsie      34
Caleb hauls in a catch at Ovid-Elsie.

Thursday, September 7 -- JV
Hemlock     22
MLS             6

Friday, September 8 -- Varsity
MLS           38
Hemlock    16
Caleb makes a nice block (far left) to seal the hole on the TD run.

Caleb (on the far end) lines up with the Cardinal D on the goal line.

Thursday, September 14 -- JV
MLS      15
Ithaca    44

Friday, September 15 -- Varsity
MLS       7
Ithaca   42
MLS recovers an Ithaca fumble.  I don't know if Caleb recovered it, but he is one of the red jerseys by the ball.
Just shy of blocking the PAT.
Thursday, September 21 -- JV
St. Louis   21
MLS         35
Good block there, Philip!

Yes, that is Philip holding on the PAT.  He has been doing this all season.
Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt made the trek to see Philip play.  Peter models the helmet.

Friday, September 22 and Saturday, September 23 -- Varsity
MLS          22
St. Louis    25

This game at St. Louis ranks as one of the most bizarre games I had been to.  (The Hall of Fame Game which was cancelled on account of bad paint will forever rank at the top.)  There were about 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  MLS was down 25-14.  MLS was near mid-field and, finally having some momentum, was driving.  Cade Kestner dropped back to pass, released the ball ... and the stadium lights went out.  Dark.  That's what we saw.  Dark.  The game was suspended and finished Saturday morning.  We opted not to drive the 2 hours to watch the final 7 minutes.  Apparently, it was an exciting finish, but MLS came up short.

Deep throw to set up a 1st and goal at the 4 yard line.  Too bad we did not punch it in.

TD catch by Caleb on a 3rd and goal from the 40...really.  Sorry it is blurry.
 I was paying more attention to live action than to the camera.  (Sometimes I watch the game.)

Sweet catch!
Thursday, September 28 -- JV
Valley Lutheran

Philip at center, getting final instructions (the snap count?).

Good work getting that snap down!
Friday, September 29 -- Varsity
MLS                    48
Valley Lutheran    7

The catch....

...and crossing the goal line for the long TD!!!

Sealing the edge of the PAT.