Monday, October 9, 2017

MLS Homecoming 2017

MLS had their homecoming on Friday, October 6.  This was also in conjuction with a Teachers' Conference Laura went to in Bay City on the Wednesday-Friday of that week.  Peter and I were looking forward to a getaway for a chunk of the Wednesday-Friday, but duties meant that we were not going to get to Bay City until Thursday afternoon.

Here are some photos from the Thursday-Friday of the week, including football games against the Bulldogs of St. Charles.  The Michigan Lutheran Seminary Cardinals traveled to St. Charles on Thursday, October 5 and came up with a 43-34 victory.  The varsity hosted the Bulldogs and put together a 38-0 victory for the homecoming crowd.  Both Caleb's and Philip's best contributions were with good blocking for their teammates.

Some photos.
Philip seesm to get doubled teamed a lot on defense.

Wienermobile in Bay City.

Another hard day for Peter.

The seniors boys from the MLS football team who are also in concert choir sing the national anthem.

Just out of bounds.  SO close to a TD

Good block to seal the edge for the TD run.

This was offensive pass interference.  Either that, or Caleb attacked his shove with his back hairs.

Caleb and Nathanael at homecoming.