Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Something from ... Cranach, the Blog of Gene E. Veith

One of the blogs I frequent is by Gene Edward Veith, a retired professor from Patrick Henry College, a member of the LC-MS, and an author of some very good books on Christian vocation and Lutheranism. 

Today, I refer you to this article, in which he quotes his former pastor's newsletter article entitled, "Because God is merciful."  You can read it here:

While the article focuses on some issues that are particular to the congregation of St. Athanasius Evangelical Lutheran Church in Vienna, Virginia, it is not hard to make it apply to Good Shepherd.  We simply change a few particulars, but the main point still stands.

God is merciful.  He is our good and merciful Father in heaven.  That is true no matter what struggles or hardships we are going through.  Even when it does not appear that God is good and merciful, he is.  He remains so.  He always will, because that is who God is for us through Jesus.

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