Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Local Tourist -- Royal Oak: Vinsetta Garage

The Local Tourist spent a morning in Royal Oak, Michigan, walking up and down the main streets and popping in on a few shops, including Toyology, a toy store which was not only a blast of nostalgia, but also a really neat store to walk through.  If you need a toy or a game in Royal Oak, stop in here.  We also had success in Paper Trail Books, a used book store.  Peter found several Garfield books and was reading them all the way home.  Photos from Royal Oak will have to come later, as I am having issues with my laptop and the photos which were uploaded onto it. 

There were too many restaurants to consider.  They all looked good.  We settled on Vinsetta Garage for some burgers.  (The family thought I was joking when I said we were going to eat lunch at a garage.)  It is on Woodward Avenue, and the only problem with it is not enough parking.  I am sure they are aware of the problem, but they are on a lot where space is quite limited.  We parked 2 blocks up on a side street, and the walk was totally worth the food and the atmosphere.

In the meantime, here are some photos from Vinsetta Garage.

The best dinner companion ever!

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