Thursday, November 8, 2018

Adult Bible Class -- St. Paul's Epistles to Timothy

A new Adult Bible Class series begins this Sunday (November 11).  We will be reading through St. Paul's Epistles to Timothy.  The class begins at 8:45 AM.

        >  What does God expect of his church? 
        >  What does God desire for worship? 
        >  What are the qualifications and responsibilities of a pastor? 

These are the questions St. Paul addresses in his letter to protegee, Timothy.  Having trained Timothy for years, St. Paul entrusted Timothy to serve as the pastor of the church at Ephesus.  Paul's instructions teach us what the ministry is supposed to look like.  These instructions still apply to Christ's Church today.

The schedule for the class is as follows:

November 11 1 Timothy 1-2 (Warnings, blessings, prayers)
November 18 1 Timothy 2-3 (The pastoral office)
November 25 1 Timothy 4     (Apostasy and Faithfulness)
December 2 1 Timothy 5     (Instructions for the Church)
December 9 1 Timothy 6     (Striving for godliness rather than gain)
December 16 2 Timothy 1-2 (Guard your faith and your teaching)
December 23 2 Timothy 3-4 (Faithfulness in a faithless world)

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