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Update from Good Shepherd (November 23, 2018)


Our Divine Services are on Sundays at 10:00 AM.
Thursday services at 3:30 PM are also offered, but call or text to confirm you are coming (248-719-5218).  If no one calls to confirm their attendance, he may not be at the church.

Our Sunday School & Adult Bible Class meet at 8:45 AM.

JESUS CARES MINISTRIES -- Worship at the Cross
Good Shepherd will be offering worship services and a Sunday School class for people with special needs.  These people, precious to Jesus, are often neglected.   This service will be offered on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM.  Our start date will be Tuesday, December 11 at 6:30 PM.  The service is called "Worship at the Cross," since the word "worship" describes what we are doing better than Jesus Cares Ministries.  (NOTE: Jesus Cares Ministries and Worship at the Cross may be used interchangeably.  While Jesus Cares Ministries offers other programs, for our purposes, they refer to the same thing.)
Finally, in order for this ministry to truly be of service to those who need it, we need to publicize this.  If you know of anyone with developmental disabilities (e.g., Down Syndrome, Autism, et al.), please inform them of our Worship at the Cross efforts.  Word of mouth is usually best received, but you can help us get the word out in other ways, too.  Once again—we begin on Tuesday, December 11 at 6:30 PM.
You can find out more about Jesus Cares Ministries and Worship at the Cross at: .

ADULT BIBLE CLASS  — St. Paul's Epistles to Timothy

What does God expect of his church?  What does God desire for worship?  What are the qualifications and responsibilities of a pastor?  These are the questions St. Paul addresses in his letter to protegee, Timothy.  Having trained Timothy for years, St. Paul entrusted Timothy to serve as the pastor of the church at Ephesus.  Paul's instructions teach us what the ministry is supposed to look like.  These instructions still apply to Christ's Church today.
November 18 1 Timothy 2-3       (The pastoral office)
November 25 1 Timothy 4     (Apostasy and Faithfulness)
December 2         1 Timothy 5          (Instructions for the Church)
December 9         1 Timothy 6   (Striving for godliness rather than gain)
December 16 2 Timothy 1-2  (Guard your faith and your teaching)
December 23 2 Timothy 3-4      (Faithfulness in a faithless world)
On Sunday, November 25, we will have a Hymnfest.  The hymns featured this year will represent Christian hymnody as it progresses through the Church Year – Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and End Times.  Every year, the Church repeats the life of Jesus who lived, suffered, died, and rose for the salvation of his Church.  He sent his Holy Spirit to gather us together as his family of believers.  By repeating the words and works of Jesus every year, we are reminded of his mercies, strengthened in the faith, and properly focused on what keeps us in the Christian faith.  Our Hymnfest will not only allow us to sing a sampling of these hymns, but we will also consider the stories of the hymn writers, the background of the hymns, or ponder the message in them.

Intercessions that are requested prior to the bulletin’s printing will be included in the bulletin.  Requests may be made prior to the service as well.
>  For Jon Rumics, son of David & Diane Rumics, who has been diagnosed with cancer.
>  For the family of Oliver Barber, father of Terry Barber, who was called to eternal rest (11/23/2018)

In our prayers....
While we offer up prayers for specific requests in our services, petitions and intercessions can be offered up throughout the week for continued concerns.  Please continue to remember these in your prayers:
-- For Dale Peterson, father of Jeanette Schneider, who is still recovering from a stroke
– For the family of  Dave Ziolkowski, uncle of Carol Casmer, who died 
– For Mary Buccilli's continued recovery from knee surgery
– For Andrew Schroeder's continued recovery from wrist surgery
– For Steve Smith's (brother-in-law of David Kirvan) continued recovery from surgery
– For the family of William Winterstein, uncle of Jeanette Schneider, who died

The Ladies of Good Shepherd will be hosting a cookie exchange on Sunday, December 9 after church.  Ladies, please bring two dozen Christmas cookies.  They will be packaged for members to take home.  Donations received for cookies will go to purchase new altar linens.  (Some of them are quite threadbare.)

On Sunday, December 2 at 6:00 PM, the Ladies of Good Shepherd will be hosting an Advent tea.  In addition to enjoying fellowship with one another, devotions will be read and hymns sung as we consider the significance of Advent and prepare for the coming of the Lord.  This is a great opportunity to invite friends to become acquainted with our congregation and, more importantly, to hear the good news of salvation through Jesus, our coming Lord.  

A latest series for our Sunday Night Bible Series has begun.  The next session will be  Sunday, December 9 at 6:00 PM.  This series, entitled “Eating God's Sacrifice,” explores the Lord's Supper portrayal in the Old Testament sacrifices.  While the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper flows from the Passover, its roots and forgiveness come from all the Old Testament sacrifices.  After viewing each DVD segment, Pastor Purdue and Pastor Schroeder will lead a discussion about the material which is in the DVD.  All sessions will begin at 6:00 PM.  These are intended to be interactive discussions as well as informational.  Desserts and snacks will be served.  All are welcome. 

Look for Good Shepherd on Facebook.  Then “LIKE” us for updates and other postings.

God bless you.

In Christ,
Pastor Schroeder

     Sundays at 10:00 AM

     Sundays at 8:45 AM

     Sundays at 8:45 AM



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