Monday, March 2, 2020

Adult Bible Class -- New series begins March 8

Starting on Sunday, March 8 we will begin the series, “Bible Symbols.”  While the Bible is written in clear language, it sometimes uses symbolism to reveal God's word to us.  Such symbolism, while it can be confusing, also serves to illustrate God's mercy and salvation to us.  In order to gain a deeper understanding of God's mercy and salvation, it serves us well to be familiar with the Bible's symbolism and word pictures.

The book “God's Imagery” will not be necessary for the class, but you might find it helpful to read through each chapter before heading into the class to foster more in depth discussion.  Copies of "God's Imagery" can be ordered through Northwestern Publishing House (  The link to the book is here.

The proposed schedule for the class is here:

March 8)    The Lord makes himself known

March 15)  Sacrifices: Symbols of sin and salvation

March 22)    Spring Festivals of the Old Testament – Symbols of Christ's first coming

March 29)   Fall Festivals of the Old Testament – The Fulfillment of Christ's work

April 5)      The Symbolism of numbers

April 12)     Easter Breakfast

April 19)     Symbols of the Savior

April 26)     The People of the Lord

May 3)         Apocalyptic Imagery (part 1)

May 10)       Apocalyptic Imagery (part 2)

May 17)       Types of Christ

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