Thursday, March 19, 2020

Prayer of Supplication during the COVID-19 pandemic


Almighty God, merciful Father, our ever-present help in time of trouble, once again we have come to realize that your thoughts are not our thoughts, your ways are not our ways.  In your wisdom, you have permitted a highly contagious virus to cause fear and panic, pain and loss.  Do not let the hearts of your people despair, but sustain and comfort them.

Grant health, wisdom, and courage to all governing officials so that they may serve in their offices to maintain order in society, to provide for the care and safety of the people they serve, and to prevent unrest and wickedness in a time of crisis.

Grant health, safety, and courage to all doctors, nurses, care-givers, first-responders, and all others who provide care for the sick and the dying.  Protect them from harm, and grant that their skills may be used for the benefit of those they tend to.

Grant all people patience and perseverance as we endure this pandemic.  Bless all who have contracted this virus with healing and strength.  Protect the elderly, the frail, and all others who are especially susceptible to great harm or death.  Guide all people so that they may demonstrate love for their neighbors and seek the good of others.

Keep our hearts and eyes fixed upon you and your promises.  While much in this world remains unsure, and while we are sure that all things in this world will finally pass away, keep us mindful that your word will never pass away and that your mercy endures forever.  Bless us with confidence in your faithful care and comfort in the midst of fears.

Dear Lord, we even pray that you will use this pandemic as an opportunity to make your love and mercy known to a world which is consumed in uncertainty and to hearts that are at unrest.  Make us bold to proclaim the certainty of your promises and to demonstrate your selfless love in all that we do for our fellowman.

Intercessions may be offered.

We ask all these things for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ; and trusting in his promises, we are bold to pray as he has taught us:


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