Friday, July 11, 2014

Local Tourist -- Fisher Building and Ford Field

The Local Tourist was back out in Detroit today.  A late start forced us to axe a few things off of our itinerary.  The Detroit Historical Museum (FREE!) will have to await a future visit.  We also had to be sure we were back home to pick up working kids from their jobs, so we could not really afford to get on too late into the afternoon.

Our first stop was to see the Fisher Building on Grand Blvd.  Occasionally, Pure Detroit offers free tours of this building and the Guardian Building, but not today.  We took our own brief, self-guided tour, along with a stop in the Pure Detroit shop.  The Fisher Building is called the Largest Piece of Art in Detroit, and it is magnificent!  Some photos.

Then we went to the 1:00 PM tour of Ford Field.  Though we had been there before, we figure the tour would give us some access to parts we don't get to.  We also learned about some of the ingenious steps that were taken in the building of Ford Field.  I thought one of the most brilliant and cool things they did was for the club seating.  The chairs in the box seats are from the Ford Explorer, and the higher end club seating uses chairs from the Lincoln Navigator.  Both were very comfortable, but far outside my price range on game days.  I also thought the concourse on what used to be Adams Street is especially cool as they made the concessions area look like a streetscape.  If you like stadium tours, go to visit Ford Field.  Some photos.

Proof that it has happened!