Saturday, September 20, 2014

MLS Football -- It pays to be the game of the week!

I have not been keeping up on the football news, partly because my camera's memory card and my laptop have not been on friendly terms.  So, while I have a number of photos, and some of them even decent, I have nothing to upload here.  For that reason, I have a number of links to M-Live articles about Michigan Lutheran Seminary.

MLS played Valley Lutheran (Saginaw) this past week.  The JV logged their first win, 28-14.  It was nice to see those boys come off the field with smiles once.  Most of the Freshmen had not played organized football until they showed up for camp this past August, so there is a learning curve for them.  I hope that some things are starting to stick and they can keep up the pace.  Caleb has been playing safety, and his play has improved, too.  I think he is getting used to the position.

Varsity won an unexpectedly lop-sided victory on Friday night, 56-0.  It was 49-0 at halftime, and the 2nd half had a running clock.  MLS threw one pass the whole game.  It was a game every just about everything went right for MLS, and I am sure that it was a long night to forget for Valley Lutheran.  I remember being on that side of the score in high school.  After years of therapy, I have almost purged my senior year season from my memory.

Andrew had high words of praise for the Valley players and their conduct throughout the game.  I am sure it was a test of patience and endurance for them, but Andrew said they were not bitter or nasty about it.  They also vowed a much harder contest come basketball season.  We expect so.  Those have always been tight games.

Anyway, here are a bunch of links from M-Live.  I am guessing we got all of these articles from being the Game of the Week.  MLS usually does not get this much press.

Saginaw Michigan Lutheran Seminary 56, Saginaw Valley Lutheran 0: Seminary defense allows 30 yards of offense in first shutout of season

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