Friday, September 19, 2014

Octoberfest is coming!!!

Sunday, October 5

          5:00 PM     Vespers

          5:30 PM     Bratwurst Dinner

          6:30 PM     Luther Lecture

This year’s Luther Lecture will be:

The Reformation Produces Fruits … and Nuts.  (1522-1524)

            “But we dare not proceed against them by force or by law, for Christians—as you know—should not fight except with the power of the sword of the Spirit.  This is how I restrain people every day.”
— Martin Luther, An Order of Mass and Communion,
December, 1523

             We hope that all guests of our Octoberfest celebration will gain a greater appreciation for the confessors and the confession of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
            There is no cost for Octoberfest, but we will have a free-will offering to offset the cost of the food being served.  In order to be sure that we will have enough food for all who attend, please sign up at the church and include how many will be in your party. 
            We also appreciate any who are willing to provide food for Octoberfest.  Food items are suggested at Sign-Up Genius. 

            To sign up, go to: 

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