Saturday, November 8, 2014

MLS Football vs. Whittemore-Prescott (playoffs game 2)

Michigan Lutheran Seminary traveled north (WAY north for us) to the woods between Whittemore and Prescott to face the undefeated Cardinals of Whittemore-Prescott High School (WP).  It sounded as if M-Live and the locals were pretty confident of a victory.  About 30 minutes before kickoff, I overheard some WP moms already making plans for the next week's game.  I had the urge to warn them of pride going before the fall, but that would have sounded prideful.

MLS managed to give WP all the reason to believe their confidence was well-placed when we fumbled the first play from scrimmage.  WP fumbled it right back two plays later.  Moments later, MLS had marched right down the field and scored on a 10 yard TD pass to Andrew (sorry, no photo).  If WP had been down much at all in the year, it was probably by a no more than a TD early in the game, so I don't know how much this bothered them.  But soon WP found themselves down 12-0 after a 91 yard punt return by Casey Williams in the 1st quarter, and I was thinking this was new territory for them.  It was certainly foreign territory for WP when MLS went up 18-0 in the 2nd quarter.

Long story short, the final was 46-0.  MLS had their best game as far as blocking and tackling were concerned.  The defense absolutely swarmed the WP running attack.  Gang tackling and tackles for loss shut them down, so that WP gained only 49 yards the whole game.

There are two articles on M-Live to summon up the game.  The first one can be found here.  The second one can be found here.

Next week MLS will travel to Pigeon in the Thumb (locals will understand) to face Pigeon-Elkton-Bay Port Laker High School.

Some photos.
 This was after Casey's 91 yard punt return.  
Andrew had just scored in this same corner on a previous drive.

 Hard tackling and tough D.  A LOT of gang tackling.

 The emotions of a decisive victory.

 Grandpa Schmidt made it to the game.

Andrew with the Division Championship trophy.

2014 Michigan Lutheran Seminary Cardinals.

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