Wednesday, March 4, 2015

For your amusement -- Word Crimes

Here is the video of Weird Al Yankovic's Word Crimes.  It is brilliant.  It is not only entertaining, it is educational.  I wonder how many English classes are showing this, and how often it needs to be viewed / reviewed throughout the year.  Some of the comments Weird Al corrects are among the things that make me go "ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!"

The one that he missed that drives me nuts is when people say something along the lines of, "If you have a comment, you may speak to myself."  Attention:  YOU CANNOT SPEAK TO MYSELF!!!  That is grammatically impossible.  Only I can speak or do anything to myself.  Not even God can speak to myself, unless I think I'm God.  And I don't.  The fact that this has pretty much been established as regular English is grieving to me.

Now I will grumble to myself.  You may leave comments for me.

Anyway, enjoy!

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