Friday, March 6, 2015

Winter happenings

It's been a while since I posted what our family has been doing throughout winter -- some sledding, a lot of basketball, and mainly indoor things.  Here are a few photos from the past few weeks.  Enjoy!

Andrew, Caleb, and Peter sledding in Northville
Philip's basketball game vs. St. John's.

Parents' night at Michigan Lutheran Seminary
Andrew's reverse lay up vs. Valley Lutheran.

Grandma Schmidt made it to Parents' Night, too.

Caleb's last Freshmen game of the year at Frankenmuth.
 MLS lost 37-35, despite a foul called with under a second to play.
The foul would have sent an MLS player to the free throw line with
a chance to tie the game.  Instead, the refs waved off the foul
and called the game over.  Not that I'm bitter.
MLS' final home game of the year was a tough loss vs. Ithaca.
Ithaca loses only 2 seniors from their team.  They should be very good next year.