Sunday, March 29, 2015

Local Tourist -- Weird things in Michigan

So the Local Tourist went back to Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in West Bloomfield again, as one of the Local Tourist's children did not make the previous trip there.  As was mentioned in a previous post, Marvin's is an arcade which also is home to some very bizarre games and memorabilia.  This trip, the Swat-the-Fly game became a favorite, although it's only good the first time.

Anyway, on the way back home, as we were driving down Orchard Lake Road, I noticed the car in front of us.  It had a goose hanging on the side of it.  Really.  A Canadian goose had its head and neck slammed in the rear, driver-side door.  Its body just hung off the side with its feet and tail-feathers dangling about six inches off the road.  We followed it onto I-696 where we lost track of him.  The goose was still firmly lodged in place at 70+ mph.

The Local Tourist and family espoused all kinds of theories on exactly what happened and how a goose gets its head slammed into a car door.  Here is the theory I've decided on.

1)  A buddy found a dead goose and decided to play a prank on his friend.  He slammed the already-dead goose into his friend's car door.
2)  The friend came back to his car and saw the goose.  He thought this was hysterical.  He decided to drive home with the goose still lodged in place for the shock factor on other drivers.
3)  He thought it was so funny that he drove home that way to show it to his wife.
4)  She did not think it was funny.