Thursday, March 19, 2015

MLS basketball -- playoffs vs. Millington

If this had been the NCAA tournament, we would have been at the Sweet Sixteen.  But in the state playoffs, it is the Regional Championship, held at Reese High School in Reese, MI.

MLS was hoping to avenge their loss to Millington earlier in the year, but eleven 3-pointers by Millington were too much to overcome.  MLS ended their season with a 70-61 loss to Millington.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get to the game because we had Lenten Vespers at Good Shepherd.  We are left with a recap by M-Live which can be found here.  TV coverage can also be found here.  The MLS-Millington contest is the 1st feature, though it features Millington more than MLS.

And of course, even if I wanted to defy the MHSAA's instructions to not post photos from the game online, I couldn't.  We weren't there.  But I imagine the game may have looked like this:

Great season, MLS Cardinals!  I hope you are proud.  We are.

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