Monday, August 31, 2015

Lutheran Reformation -- HOURS of Education! -- UPDATE:The Search


Do you want an education of the Lutheran Reformation and its relevance today?  How many hours do you have to spare????

If you take a look at Issues, Etc. right now in their On Demand Archives, you will discover dozens of interviews with scholars about various aspects of the Lutheran Reformation -- Luther's opinions on various topics, Lutheran hymns, Lutheran confessors through the years, Lutheran theology, myths about Lutheran teachings, why the Lutheran Reformation still matters today, etc.....  There are perhaps several DAYS' worth of interviews to listen to!

Issues, Etc. has often produced quality programs and is worthy of you checking them out.

NOTE:  This does NOT replace Bible class!
In the flesh is always better than on the web.

UPDATE:  For a few glorious moments yesterday afternoon, all the Reformation topics were lined up nicely on the archives page.  Apparently, Issues Etc had not intended that and replaced it with current programing (still worth a listen).  To find the Reformation topics, type "Reformation" in the search bar and scroll through the options.  All the interviews are there.  It just takes a little more hunting.

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