Saturday, August 29, 2015

MLS Football vs. Bath (Varsity) UPDATE: Video footage now available!

Michigan Lutheran Seminary began their varsity season hosting the Bath Fighting Bees.  Bath got a new head coach and a new offense, and MLS lost a lot of players from last year, so we did not know what to expect from them or from us.

As it turns out, the MLS offense was clicking pretty well for the evening.  Most drives in the first half resulted in TD's.  And while Bath had some nice plays and some longer drives, they never managed to get it into the end zone.

The Bath defense certainly knew who Casey Williams was.  They made sure that the defense swarmed to him every time.  And they had pretty good success bottling up Casey except for one deep pass in the 1st quarter.  Andrew tossed a nice pass down the middle (I thought it would be too deep) and Casey ran it down for the TD.

Andrew also had a nice run (50 yards?) for a TD.  The hole the line gave him was enormous, and Andrew won the footrace to the endzone.

In the end, MLS came up with an impressive 42-8 win, and Andrew came out pretty much unscathed.

It took a while, but thankfully someone found the link to the TV highlights of the MLS game against Bath.  You can find the link here.  MLS highlights are first.  Incidentally, Andrew told me that the screen pass for the TD (featured on the news) was a screw up on his part.  He ran the wrong way.  He should screw up like that more often!

Some photos below.
Although this photo might not suggest it, this was the pretty TD pass that Andrew threw to Casey.

Andrew completed this pass to Caleb Heyn to convert on 3rd down.  Caleb had some nice runs, too.

This was Andrew's long TD run in the 2nd quarter.  I think even I could have squeezed through that hole!
Andrew with his proud mother.

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