Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Things that make me go HMMMMMMM -- Silhouette on the hill

If you travel on I-96, you will see it on the south side of the highway, just up the hill past the Milford Road exit.  I have seen it for years now, and I am still as flummoxed as ever.  Here it is:

Yeah.  It is the silhouette of a man wearing a suit and a fedora.

A few people have tried to explain its existence to me, but no one has helped.
I have been told that the hill is a landfill site.  That is true, but it does not explain the man in the suit.
I have been told there are sports fields on the other side.  Again, true.  But how does that explain the silhouette?

If you've seen it and know why this is here, please let me know.  I am at a loss for explanations.

I do like the hat, though.

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  1. This doesn't explain it either, but I was in Boyne City this past weekend and on top of one of the buildings by the marina downtown, is the same man. It looks like it could be exactly the solid that's removed from the thing at Milford Rd.
    P.S. SO glad football is less than two weeks away!!!