Wednesday, November 25, 2015

MLS Football -- Year end wrap up

We attended the MLS football banquet on Sunday night in the MLS cafeteria.  The players were all introduced and Coach Schmugge offered nice comments on each one.

Andrew was also honored with a few awards -- 1st team all-conference at safety and recipient of the Loren Dietrich MVP award.  Obviously, we are very proud of him.  But we are especially proud of the way he has handled himself all year.  We consider it our duty to remind our children that their talents come from the Lord and we will squash arrogance if we must.  We have never had to.  Andrew has worked hard, and I think he knows that he is talented.  But he remains humble and has a great deal of fun playing the game.

You can check out an article from M-Live here in which the Saginaw News honored Andrew with another award -- Saginaw area Dream Team for defense.

There is also an article about Andrew receiving all-state recognition (special mention) in an M-Live article here.

Believe it or not, this play ended up going for a TD -- the last of his high school career.

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