Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Bible Matters -- Discerning the Will of God

 On Wednesday, September 16, our Bible discussion group, Bible Matters will meet at Good Shepherd at 7:00 PM.  

Our topic for the evening will be: "What does God want?  Discerning the will of God."

Our discussions we consider questions such as:

>  How can we know what God's will is?

>  Do some people have greater understanding of God's will?

>  What if I don't know what God wants from me?

>  When can I state with certainty that I am doing God's will?

>  If I am truly convinced that my actions are right, can I be equally convinced that this is what God wants for me?

>  If something evil happens to me, is that really God's will for my life?

All are welcome.  Feel free to bring friends.  Social distancing will be observed.

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